• Image of In Person private or small group mentoring with Anja

If hands on learning is your game, consider taking your work to the next level with a private in person session with Anne Kerr in her hometown just outside of Chicago (nearest airport is O'hare International-travel available for additional travel fee). In-person mentorships are scheduled during the months of May thru October (warm enough weather for on location shooting is a must). The mentorship starts with an in-depth discussion of your current portfolio, and uncovering your vision for your work and what you need to work on specifically to get it there. Continue by walking on location with Anne, thru the woods where she will dissect the location with you: how to find the light on-location, what lenses to use for what locations, settings in-camera, and how to create strong compositions. Proceed with an outdoor session where you shoot along side of Anne, watch how she interacts with her subjects, achieves her poses, as well receive her one on one attention to learn to get the shots you have been dreaming about. Finish the evening with a complimentary dinner, and a 2 hour editing session where you learn her process from start to finish (6 hours total instruction). You will be invited to view an online editing webinar to solidify your learning.

Additional in-person instruction hours available in most cases, if we want to delve further into either Photoshop or shooting the following morning:) $100/hr.

This Mentorship is prohibited to those Anne's marketing area of Chicago and to photography mentors&instructors.

Inquire at info@horizonwithin.com to discuss available dates!