• Image of Florida Small Group Workshop with Leah | 19th April '20
  • Image of Florida Small Group Workshop with Leah | 19th April '20
  • Image of Florida Small Group Workshop with Leah | 19th April '20
  • Image of Florida Small Group Workshop with Leah | 19th April '20
  • Image of Florida Small Group Workshop with Leah | 19th April '20

Spend a day with Leah immersed in photography and learning in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Leah Robinson of Leah Robinson Photography (Melbourne, Australia) is one of the worlds leading family, child and dance photographers. She runs fully booked, extremely successful photography businesses that sees her travelling interstate, and worldwide to capture stunning art work for clients all over the world. While her main focus is her client based photography business, she also LOVES to teach other photographers how to have the same success in their own photography business, by teaching them how to create fine art portraits utilising natural light outdoors.

Start the day at 10am with a casual and intimate gathering with Leah, where she will discuss with you the methods behind the shooting techniques she uses with her clients, the hows and whys behind which equipment you should be using for what location and story, her 3D lighting secrets, and her ideas on how to produce storytelling imagery in every session. She will share all of her styling process, so that you too can have clients match your artistic vision. We will explore the outdoors where Leah will show you how to find the light and how to find beauty in wherever you go. Beautiful shots can be created anywhere if you know how to use the light - real life settings is Leah's reality! Leah will SHOW you how to connect with your subjects as well as create connection between your subjects to get clients shedding tears of joy. All the "how-to's" she utilises to achieve emotion in portraiture will be shared and it will take your photography to the next level!

Leah will demonstrate, step by step how she hand edits to achieve those razor sharp images, how she produces the tones and richness, and all the editing secrets she has. Nothing is held back.

Together, we will embark on an amazing outdoor sunset shoot, Leah will show you what inspires her when location scouting, and how in every situation, it is ALL about the light. Once you know how to find it, you can make any location look amazing. We will work with a REAL family and children, to show you how to create those dream like, emotional family portraits that make Leah's clients come back again, and again. We will also work with a dancer, and Leah will demonstrate how to capture dynamic, tack sharp fine art dance portraits, that will open up your business to one of the fastest growing genres of photography - be ahead of the game in YOUR local area and become known as the go to photographer for Dance Portraiture.
Limited to 5 attendees only, you are ensured personalised, high quality learning. We will take the time to shoot as a group, and then each individual will have one on one time shooting directly beside Leah to ensure that you are understanding every aspect of the points being taught.

A private online forum will be set up 4 weeks prior to the workshop so we can all become acquainted, and begin our learning journey.

After you have had a chance to go home, and apply your new knowledge, we will meet again online a month after for an editing webinar, so you can continue your learning journey. Past attendees have found it extremely beneficial to have more than just one day to absorb information because repetition is integral to learning and transforming your work.

Lunch & Snacks Provided.

Full cost of the workshop is $995 USD, with three separate payments of $333 if you prefer to go on a payment plan. A non refundable $333 deposit due now to hold your place. Total cost of workshop must be paid at least 3 weeks prior to workshop date

No refunds. We understand that life happens, and are happy for you to sell your seat providing recipient meets guidelines.

No teachers, mentors, or makers of actions or guides.